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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the more common questions customers have in regard to Everflo pumps, as well as the answers to those questions. If your question doesn't appear, feel free to contact us at the toll free number below for more information.

Who is Everflo?

Everflo is an exclusive line of premium quality on-demand pumps, distributed by Valley Industries in Paynesville, MN.

Are Everflo pumps compatible with RoundUp?

Yes, all Everflo pumps are compatible with RoundUp and other glyphosate based products.

What is the duty rating?

All everflo pumps carry a 100% continuous duty rating.

What sprayer brands will Everflo pumps fit?

Everflo pumps have a standard mounting pattern that will fit Master Manufacturing sprayers as well as most other brands of sprayer tanks.

Are Everflo pumps tested?

Yes, pumps are tested on a 15-station test bench for durability using three different conditions...

Test Parameter 1: Continuous operation at full flow.
Test Parameter 2: Continuous on and off cycling (approximately two cycles per second).
Test Parameter 3: Continuous operation at maximum rated pressure.

Are there durability tests?

Yes, durability tests are conducted for 1000 hours minimum. After the test (pass or fail) all pump components are inspected.

Are the pumps tested for function after assembly?

Yes, every Everflo pump is function tested after being assembled.

Are Everflo pumps CE Approved?

Yes, all current Everflo pump models are CE approved.

Do you offer replacement parts?

Yes, we offer a full line of replacement parts for all Everflo pumps except the EF1000. At its price point, it is more economical to replace a worn or damaged EF1000 than to attempt to repair one.

What applications can you use Everflo pumps?

Everflo pumps are ideal for agricultural sprayers, spot sprayers for homeowners and fluid transfer applications.

What types of liquids can I use with Everflo pumps?

It is recommended for use in spraying non-flammable liquids such as pesticides, water for plants/trees, dust control, ice control chemicals or water-based non-flammable sealants or stains for outdoor wood surfaces.

Does the Everflo pump carry a warranty?

Yes, all Everflo pumps are backed by a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.