Pump Head Features: Minimize down-time for your Everflo EF5500 diaphragm fluid transfer pump with this 5.5 GPM Replacement Pump Head Kit. Easily self-prime up to 12 feet while having the ability to run dry without sustaining damage. Comes standard with polypropylene pump manifold with 1/2″ NPT ports. Easy installation with mounting screws. Can be used to replace an EF5500-QA pump head depending on change of plumbing setup.

Approved for use with Round-Up® and other agricultural brand herbicides and insecticides.

Ideal Water Fluid Applications: This diaphragm pump is designed to handle a variety of water delivery applications including, but not limited to, agricultural spraying (spot or broadcast), de-icing (salt brine), mobile pressure washing systems, water transferring, irrigation systems, fire suppression and mist spraying.

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Product Specs

Max Pressure Max Flow Self-Priming Ports Max Fluid Temp
60 PSI 5.5 GPM Yes (Up to 12') 1/2" NPT 140° F
Part # Packaging Style UPC
EF5500-KIT Boxed 81448501340-6


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