Pump Cartridge Features: Minimize down-time for your Everflo EFSW5500 soft wash and disinfectant pump with this 5.5GPM Soft Wash Replacement Pump Cartridge. Featuring the exclusive Motor Shield technology that shuts the pump off if a leak is detected, protecting the motor and saving you money. Easily self-prime up to 12 feet while having the ability to run dry without sustaining damage. Comes standard with polypropylene pump manifold with quick attach ports. Easily installation with five mounting screws.

Ideal Water Fluid Applications: This 5.5GPM soft wash replacement pump cartridge is perfect for soft wash applications that require cleaning off black mold, algae, lichen, and mildew from outdoor surfaces such as rooftops, siding and sidewalks. This bleach pump can also be used in disinfecting outdoor or indoor surfaces with effective bacteria or virus-killing bleach formulas.

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Product Specs

Max Pressure Max Flow Self-Priming Ports Max Fluid Temp
60 PSI 5.5 GPM Yes (Up to 12') Quick Attach 140° F
Part # Packaging Style UPC
EFSW5500CT Boxed 81004404072-2


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