Snapper Hose Clamps

The Valley Industries Universal Snapper Hose Clamps are lightweight, corrosion resistant replacement hose clamps designed to work well in a variety of environments and applications. Features a quick ratchet closure that not only reduces downtime, but puts a firm grip on a hose connection. Perfect for hose connections on spot and broadcast sprayers.

Compatible with Master Manufacturing and other branded sprayers. Comes standard with six snapper hose clamps. Additional sizes available.

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Product Specs

Part # Hose Size Minimum Diameter Max Diameter
SHC-F-CSK 3/8" Hose 0.616" 0.707"
SHC-J-CSK 1/2" Hose 0.779" 0.899"
SHF-M-CSK 3/4" Hose 1.044" 1.198"


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