12V Wiring Harness – Alligator Clamps

Power up with the Valley Industries Universal 12V Alligator Clamp Wire Harness. In a matter of seconds, hook up your power supply to a 12 volt diaphragm pump from an ATV, UTV, tractor or lawn battery. Featuring a well-positioned on/off switch that allows for easy access to power without sacrificing energy. This wire harness is 8 feet long for extra slack while included A pin connector. Standard with 16 gauge wire and can handle a max of 7 amps.

This wire harness can be used with Everflo and other branded 12volt diaphragm pumps. Ideal for 1-2.2 GPM pump applications.

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Product Specs

Wire Harness Style Length Max Amps Gauge Wire Connector Ideal Pump GPM
Alligator Clamps 8' 7 16 2 Pin 1.0 - 2.2 GPM
Part # Packaging Style
33-103233 Bulk
33-103233-CSK Clamshell


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