12 Volt Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm Pump For fluid transfer Applications

If you are looking for an upgrade or replacement, we have the best 12 volt on-demand diaphragm pumps.

Ideal Water Fluid Applications: These diaphragm pumps are designed to handle a variety of water delivery applications including, but not limited to: agricultural spraying (spot or broadcast), de-icing (salt brine), mobile pressure washing systems, water transferring, irrigation systems, fire suppression, and mist spraying.

Common Features:

  • Automatic power switch turns pump off when no flow is needed
  • Viton valves/seals & Santoprene™ diaphragm
  • Self-priming while having ability to run dry
  • Inline fuse protection for increased safety and reliability
  • Honeywell Microswitch™ for quick starts
  • Standard mounting pattern for quick installation
  • CE approved