Tips to Maintain an Everflo Pump
There are many times where pump problems come up after having gone unnoticed for a long time. For an Everflo Pump to work properly, routine maintenance should be carried out on them, as you would on other home or lawn and garden items. Developing a pump maintenance checklist will not only cut your expenses down, but it will guarantee optimal performance. Below, you will find a few tips that can keep your pump always functioning efficiently. 



Tips & Tricks

Remember to Flush Pump Thoroughly

Over time, the quality of your pump’s internal working mechanisms may pick up particles, causing corrosion which can lead to leaks and other expensive repair jobs. Removing these deposits and restoring the quality of your pump is vital to a safe and fully functioning Everflo pump, especially if you want to avoid unexpected breakdowns while in use. 

Visually Check Pump for Worn Parts

Get to know your system and make a point to observe your pump while it is still running. Make a note of leaks, unusual sounds, vibrations, or unusual odors. If you expect a long time between uses, we recommend putting antifreeze through your pump. Not only does this process keep your internals safe from any cold temperatures, but it also keeps the pump seals lubricated throughout the summer months.  

Properly Shut-Off Pump When Performing Maintenance

Make sure machines are properly shutdown before performing your maintenance and/or systems check. Proper isolation is important, not only for electrical systems but for hydraulic systems as well. Remember, always test your pump with fresh water before adding chemicals to prevent any loss of expensive chemicals.  

Replace Damaged Seals and Hoses

If you notice any hoses, seals, or O-rings that show wear or damage, we recommend replacing them immediately. Using a temporary rubber assembly lubricant will ensure a tight fit and prevent leaks or slips. The frequency of replacement really is dependent on your use and abuse, so it is important to inspect the seals and hoses before every use.  

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