Why Convert to Everflo’s 12V Soft Wash (Bleach) Diaphragm Pumps?

Everflo never stays in a perpetual state. Our team is always looking at new ways for users to utilize our 12V diaphragm pumps for a wide range of fluid applications. Read along and see why Everflo’s game -changing soft wash (bleach) pumps are the perfect pump for you! 

PS – If you are living under rock and do not know what soft wash is, check out Everflo’s blog on What Is Soft Washing to get the low down.  

What Separates Everflo’s 12V Soft Wash Pumps?

What truly separates Everflo’s Soft Wash pumps from our (or any other manufacturers) standard 12V diaphragm pumps? There is one significant difference between the two: Motor Shield Technology.  

Each Everflo Soft Wash pump is equipped with our newly designed, ground-breaking Motor Shield sensor technology that is connected to the pump head. When a leak occurs in this location, a red light will notify you and the Motor Shield technology springs into action! This pump will shut off completely, allowing you to easily unbolt the worn pump head and replace it with a new one, keeping you and your crew always moving.  

Without this innovative feature, leaks would continuously enter the pump of the motor and completely render it useless. Instead of paying for a single replacement head, at a fraction of the cost, you are now paying for a completely new pump. Additionally, not only will you have to replace the pump entirely, but you also run the risk of extended down-time on the job. Fewer jobs completed during the day means more dollars coming out of your pocket. 

Are you ready to make the switch? Click on the pumps below for more features or contact us today! We cannot wait to see you tackle 2022 with our Everflo Soft Wash Pumps!


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